Any Waste Any Time (for clip see elsewhere on this site) (2010)

Boksdocs in opdracht van Havenbedrijf Rotterdam

Erik van Erne about the film:
“Marine litter has become an increasingly serious environmental, economic, health and aesthetic problem around the world. It is found everywhere in the marine and coastal environment. An estimated 46.000 pieces of mainly plastic litter are now believed to be floating on every square mile of the ocean.

Marine litter is a vicious killer of marine mammals, seabirds and many other life forms in the marine and coastal environment. It also entails substantial economic cost and losses to, e.g. fishermen, boat owners in general, coastal communities, farmers, power stations and individuals. The port of Rotterdam has a very active waste collection business.

In this movie The port of Rotterdam Authority will make you aware of the effects of marine litter on the marine environment, the role of shipping and possible solutions. The Port of Rotterdam Authority shows together with its business partners what their contribution is in solving the waste problem.”

Camera: Chris Blokhuis, Gerrit Albada e.a.; Direction: Karin Schagen; Editing: Alan Miller