Scientific Films

Many of the scientific films that I have made were commissioned by the VPRO – initially 25-minute episodes for the Noorderlicht series; currently for Labyrint (VPRO/NTR). I also made two series of Dat Willen Wij Ook (If Only Humans Could Do This) about how Homo sapiens try to imitate nature. A spider can spin threads that are more elastic and stronger than anything we can make – a gecko sticks to anything, time after time. How do they do this? Twelve episodes of Dat Willen Wij Ook show and demonstrate how much progress we have made in this mimicry. In due time, I will load the clips and the films.

Labyrint consists of two parts that constantly connect with each other in one way or another. The strict separation in two parts means that a scientific subject has to be unveiled in a very short period. Host Eric Arends provides the verbal integration of the two parts of the series.

This website contains a selection of scientific films that I have made.